October 17th, 2007


Amarillo, Texas. Mileage - 169,722

292 Miles Today
Route 66 Trip - 1222
2746 miles - Trip Total
We visited the Murrah Federal Building Memorial before leaving Oklahoma City. (See my web page of photos of the memorial.) We drove over interesting sections of the old road west of Oklahoma City, but soon ran into stormy weather. It seems that the old curbed concrete pavement serves as a channel for the water run-off from the adjoining fields which had just been plowed so we had to run through a lot of brown water.

Viewing Photos
Photos at the memorial show the building before and after the bombing and the implosion and other things.

Rainy Bridge
The long "Pony Bridge" across the South Canadian River (1938) uses 38 "pony" (small) trusses.

A great Route 66 museum in Clinton, Oklahoma

The restored U-Drop Inn/Tower in Shamrock is now the Chamber of Commerce.

The skys soon cleared and it was warm and humid. However, there was a strong, gusty southwest wind that made driving difficult. The Barracuda never did handle well in crosswinds.

We met Annika and Magnus again at the Route 66 Museum in Clinton, Oklahoma. We took many old sections of Route 66 and some on I40 arriving in Amarillo at about 7:30. I had decided to try the same motel that Annika and Magnus were staying at and we got there just a few minutes after they did.