October 25th, 2007


Calimesa, California. Mileage - 171,329

334 Miles Today
Route 66 Trip - 2,495
4,254 Trip Total
We circled through the Pier driveway again, but still didn't see a Route 66 sign so we headed west-northwest on California Highway 1 the Pacific Coast Highway (PCH). Then switched to U.S. 101. Ann and Becky consulted over the phone and decided that it was too far to see too little at the Hearst Castle so we turned back at Buellton. Becky found a fast route for us on Goodle and I put it into the Streets and Trips software that Becky had recommended for our trip. We drove back through the hills on Calif. 154 and found that the engine temp. does increase about one mark on the long steep pulls up the hills. It cools right down on the downhills. 154 took us back to 101 and we stayed on 101 until we reached Interstate 10 and turned east there. Becky says it's 1400 miles back to Pearland. About 800 of those miles are in Texas, so only about 500 miles back to Texas from here.

Tucson, Arizona. Mileage - 171,724

395 Miles Today
4,648 Trip Total
5,664 Miles on the overhauled engine and transmission.

While I was sitting in the lobby waiting for the laundry to dry, a young man can in and checked the lobby computer where I had been looking at our web site. He commented on the car and I explained a little about our trip. I think he had already looked at the web site.

Anyway, he is down here at an "airplane graveyard" with a crew from Montana to get three DeHaviland four-engine jet commuter planes ready to fly back to one of their main facilities in Calgary, Manitoba, for complete refurbishment. They will use one of the planes for parts. When two are ready they'll fly them to Dubai to be used as executive transport for some big company. (I may be off a little on some of this information, but you get the idea.)

They have one plane running, but are running into a few problems. They expected about six weeks to two months and he hopes to be home for Christmas. They get a few days off to visit places in the area.

The drive from Calimesa to Tucson was pretty smooth. The Barracuda is quiet and smooth now. The engine temperature did rise a little coming up the nine-mile grade west of here. I'm running about 60 to 70 mph on level or downhill. An indicated 70 on the speedometer is about 67 to 68 mph according to our GPS display. I did a 100 mile odometer check against the interstate mileposts. At 100 miles by milepost the odometer had increased by 97.5 miles, so we are actually traveling about 2.5% further than the odometer says.

At 171,455 Miles
I10 near Picacho
Full Moon Over Tucson