October 26th, 2007


Van Horn, Texas. Mileage - 172,163

437 Miles Today
5,088 Trip Total
6,103 Miles on the overhauled engine and transmission.
We had a quick breakfast at the motel in Tucson and left there at 10:00 CDT. We had lunch at the Rancher's Grill in Deming, New Mexico, and arrived in Van Horn, Texas, at 7:00 CDT. Van Horn is 138 miles from the border. Traffic had to stop for a large Border Patrol checkpoint just west of here. I10 is a little smoother across Arizona, New Mexico, and Texas, but there are still some occasional rough spots.

We are taking a detour through Big Spring where Ann was born and where her mother's family lived for many years. Then we turn south to San Angelo where a former pastor and his wife live. Then it's on to San Antonio and back on I10.

View from Motel
View from Tucson motel room this morning.

New Mexico Mountains
A mountain road in New Mexico.

Near Continental Divide
Approaching the continental divide in southern New Mexico at 4585 feet above sea level.

Rio Grande Valley
The Rio Grande valley near Las Cruces, New Mexico.
Mountain Pass
Moving toward a mountain pass in Texas between El Paso and Van Horn.

View from motel
View from Van Horn motel room this evening.