October 27th, 2007


San Angelo, Texas. Mileage - 172,496

333 Miles Today
5,421 Trip Total
6,436 Miles on the overhaul.

We got to San Angelo at 4:30 for an early day stop. They're having a Roping Rodeo of some sort, so the motels are filling up quickly. We got to Big Spring at noon and ate Bar-B-Q sandwitches at Al's and Son Barbeque in Big Spring. Then we drove around to see the Ann's family's old home places. We drove around the scenic drive on the hill above the VA Hospital area. The road and park features were constructed by the Civilian Conservation Corp back in 1935 and now it's operated by the Texas State Parks system. The weather and drive were nice.

The vast west Texas plain. (Click for 1500 x 332 pixel size.)

CCC Roadway
Interesting rock architecture along the one-lane road of Skyline Drive built by the CCC.
Big Spring View
View from Skyline Drive.